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Transform your images into proof with Inkan's App

Inkan’s camera redefines the expression “capturing the moment”, by associating the images it produces with the exact place, time, device and user. Thanks to blockchain technology and cybersecurity, data is protected and sealed by anti-tampering layers. Anyone can easily check an image’s authenticity and source information. We know for certain if it has been altered in any way.

In the era of disinformation and digital fraud, a new breed of trustworthy images…

Perform reverse searches with Inkan's Cloud to find out where your images are being used on Internet


Manage your proof-content from your personal Gallery on Inkank’s certified cloud.

Authenticity Links

Viralize your proof-content with a link, containing all the traceability info.

Blockchain certification

Certify photos and videos directly from your own Dashboard and create new authenticity links for them.

Copyright protection

Receive reports with tracking information about how your images are being used on the internet.

The cycle of information verification closes with Inkan's Authenticity Verifier

Integrity Proof

An easy way to verify if an image is authentic or not. Be sure that it has not been modified in any way and see its provenance information.

Widget Integration

Become a source of verification for your certified images by integrating the verifier into your own website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Inkan transform simple images into proof?

If an image is undoubtedly linked to the place, time, person (user) and device that created it, then it becomes a proof of what it is showing. Furthermore, as the image has been digitally authenticated, you can know with absolute certainty if it is the original or not.

What's the image Fingerprint?

Everytime you capture a photo or video, Inkan creates a unique and unforgeable ID code, also known as “hash”, that is connected to that image and that image only. We call it “fingerprint”, because it defines an image the same way a human fingerprint defines a person. It looks like this: Q9Q9diBLSsMIP5qFWhz5TMq75WzvwF+JAXMLOP/4dzs+zRZySlqn0q01

Do I always have to link place, time, device and user data to the images?

No, you can choose what piece of data you can link to the image you are certifying. You can even choose not to add any data to the image, that will then become authenticated, but not associated to the place, device or user. In any case, the time of the capture will always be recorded.

How does Inkan work?

Inkan is a decentralized app (dapp), which means that it is connected to a node participating in one of the main existing blockchain networks, called Stellar. Every time you press the camera button to take a picture, our App-node publishes (transacts) on Stellar the image fingerprint (ID). From there on, this ID code that authenticates the image rests safe on a public database that cannot, by definition (architecture), be erased or modified.

What can I use Inkan for?

You can use it anytime you need to turn your images into a technological proof of what you are capturing, generate an authenticity certificate, publish them directly on Twitter, Telegram and Inkan Platform like a new kind of traced-trusted type of news, or just store them on your mobile device in case you could sell them or use them as evidence for some particular event.