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Inspections & Certifications

Digitally verified virtual inspections

Save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint by using Inkan’s workflow builder platform based on photo, video and documentation verification technology.

Inkan Platform

Paperless, fast and reliable

Manage your inspections in a fast and convenient way based on 100% trustworthy images and documentation, verifying data authenticity, optimizing processes, reducing operational costs, preventing/detecting fraud, and automatizing tasks through Inkan’s technology based on cybersecurity, blockchain and artificial intelligence.


Streamline inspections anywhere, anytime

Inkan is a platform that helps you evolve from manual inspection processes into automated digital workflows, easily sending requests and instantly reviewing trustworthy photos, videos and data from your customers, suppliers and partners.

How Inkan Works

Mobile App

Transform your images into proof
with Inkan's App

Ensured authenticity

Inkan’s camera redefines the expression “capturing the moment”, by associating the images it produces with the exact place, time, device and user. Thanks to blockchain technology and cybersecurity, data is protected and sealed by anti-tampering layers. Anyone can easily check an image’s authenticity and source information. We know for certain if it has been altered in any way.

Fast processing, fraud prevention
and traceability

Inkan Platform

Certified inspections and data collection

Cybersecurity and blockchain for traceability

Forget about sifting through multiple emails and messy attachments, Inkan Platform ensures you get everything you need in one place, with the quality you require to complete your inspection and generate your reports automatically. Navigate your blockchain certified inspection data with Inkan’s Authenticity Link.

Data security for inspections and quality control

Cost reduction based on trusted information

Avoid costly site inspections with Inkan's remote workflows based on high trust data and image collection.

With our digital inspection platform, we offer a fast and convenient way to receive verified and reliable images, videos and information directly from your customers, suppliers and partners.

Revolutionize your site inspections

Inkan Platform

Streamlined inspections anywhere, anytime

Tasks Management

Create customizable tasks for inspections, claims, policies, QC and other workflows based on digitally signed, verified and certified images, forms and documentation.

Workflows builder

Inkan is a flexible tool that adapts to specific workflows with a common principle: safe channels for data ingestion, tamper-proof database, fraud prevention and traceability.

Customizable forms

Use a template or create your own form through Inkan’s intuitive interface. Simplify inspections in situ with easy to use forms, task and user management, all in the cloud.

Report Generation

Automatic report generation that will save you time and money. Build your pdf report templates, with accurate and trustworthy traceability for your images, forms and documentation.

Look how Inkan Platform transforms images into proof

Cost Reduction

You can remotely request trusted inspection images to your customers, partners and suppliers

Fraud Prevention

Reduce and mitigate risk by preventing fraud with images even before it happens


Place, time, device and user provenance information is sealed and authenticated building a solid data traceability workflow

Don't wait any longer, create safe channels for your information

Reduce costs, improve your brand perception, gain a competitive advantage by integrating novel technologies and services