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Inkan Mail

Blockchain email

Inkan Mail is an email certification system leveraged on cutting-edge blockchain technology combined with traditional digital signature based on eIDAS standards.

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Inkan Mail

Paperless, scalable
and secure

Incorporating certified email into a company’s operations is a crucial aspect of its digital transformation journey.

It can significantly enhance productivity and organizational performance by reducing costs and speeding tasks involving traceability and legal validity.

Legally valid

It can be attested that the email has been sent with an eIDAS qualified signature.


No need to install any extra applications or software to send a Certified Email.


It can be applied in lots of cases where paper communications can’t.


Delivered within seconds, unlike paper communications that can take hours or even days.


Saves up to 87% compared to the cost of traditional paper-based communications.

Environmentally friendly

Reducing the need for paper and fossil fuels in its delivery.

Inkan Mail

Deep data traceability and integrity certification for emails

Inkan Mail certifies the entire data package, including subject, sender, recipient, email metadata and attached files, generating a cryptographic authentication based on the email’s data fingerprint.

Why Inkan?

Inkan provides a multi-layered protection against deceptive content

We can help companies improve costs, prevent fraud, build a tamper-proof database, reduce friction in audit processes and gain a competitive advantage

Operate Virtually

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, save time, improve the customer experience and lower carbon emissions within a trusted and safe workflow.

Reduce Fraud

Create anti-tamper workflows through Inkan’s leading cybersecurity and blockchain technology. Prevent fraud before it happens.

Improve Safety

Protect your business against any kind of data tampering both from outside and within your organization. Detect any alteration.

Introduce Traceability

Inkan’s certification engine uses blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of digital files that will help you make certifications, audits and legality frictionless.

Don't wait any longer, create safe channels for your information

Reduce costs, improve your brand perception, gain a competitive advantage by integrating novel technologies and services