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Certified email

Enhance the legal and evidentiary value of your emails. By generating a document that proves the sending of the communication, we include vital information such as sender and receiver addresses, date and time of sending and receipt, as well as the email content and any attachments.

Digital documentation certification methods can also be used to authenticate digital files sent to suppliers, partners and customers, as well as those received from them.


Allows You To Certify Any Email From Any Electronic Device

Incorporating registered email into a company’s operations is a crucial aspect of its digital transformation journey. Digital transformation of any process can significantly enhance productivity and organizational performance by addressing key drivers of improvement.

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Legal Value

The documentary evidence generated after sending can be used as proof of evidence in the future.


No need to install any extra applications or software to send a Certified Email.


The recipient feels it is a secure and fraud-free mail, as it is a certified email.


Delivered within seconds, unlike paper communications that can take hours or even days.


Saves up to 87% compared to the cost of traditional paper-based communications.

Environmentally friendly

Reducing the need for paper and fossil fuels in its delivery.

How to use Inkan Mail?

Inkan Mail works in two simple steps.

Send easily and comfortably.

When sending your email, you just have to copy and you will get a digitally signed and sealed PDF with the content and headers of your email. You can add as many attachments as you like (up to 15 MB(1)).


Maximum tranquility.

Once the mail reaches its destination, we will generate the documentary evidence.


What documents can be sent?