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Revolutionize your site inspections

Save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint by using photo verification technology

Cost Reduction

You can remotely request trusted inspection images to your customers, partners and suppliers

Fraud Prevention

Reduce and mitigate risk by preventing fraud with images even before it happens


Place, time, device and user provenance information is sealed and authenticated building a solid data traceability workflow

Inkan platform brings state of the art blockchain traceability to your site inspections


Send a Request

Create inspection tasks and assign them to users inside or outside your organization.

Capture verified photos and videos

The users that have access to the inspection task sign in to the app and start creating trusted captures. The image is certified in real-time so a digital fingerprint is created, stored and locked.

View the results

Browse the verified images and traceability information instantly in the Inkan Platform Dashboard. Every certified asset will have its own Authenticity Link that you can share with customers and supply chain partners.

Check authenticity any time is needed

You or any other party involved in your workflow, can validate the authenticity of any file, image, audio or pdf certified by Inkan Platform with one click. 100% certainty assured.

Look how Inkan Platform improves your site inspections

Create workflows based on trusted images

We cannot trust images anymore because it is increasingly easy to manipulate them and even recreate them synthetically with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Inkan has transformed the inspection process for companies involved in the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) sector.

Detect Manipulation

Inkan Camera is completely protected with state of the art cybersecurity, guaranteeing integrity at device level.

Digitally Sign

Every capture is digitally signed with the user’s unique wallet.

Certify Provenance

Location, date, time and device are authenticated making the source of the capture unquestionably attested.

Detect tampering

If certified images are altered even in the slightest way you will know it using Inkan’s Verifier.

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A system based on trustworthy image verification

People often rely on what they see to discern truth. But digital photos and videos can be manipulated in several ways, making it a challenge to trust their contents.

Inkan allows anyone to take photos and videos whose origin and metadata are verifiable. Images captured with Inkan's Platform not only have the highest level of trust but also, thanks to blockchain technology, create transparent workflows between different organizations and entities.

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