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Trusted photos and videos captured in your app

Our easy to integrate SDK tools will work with your existing app, preventing fraud in your images even before it happens. It will also add an anti-tamper protection layer to your captures, that will let you detect if an image is modified even in the slightest way in the future, raising the transparency standards in your workflow.

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A safe journey for your captures

Inkan extends trust to anyone making decisions based on visual content, within your organization and with external collaborators or users

Behind the scenes, every capture generated with Inkan’s SDK contains provenance details – critical information like date, time, location, and the true pixels captured – that are verified and cryptographically sealed into the file. From the very creation of the image, you can be sure that you, and your customers, can trust what they see.

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Trusted captures start in your application

Get all the trust and security of Inkan’s technology directly in your own native application. Seamlessly collect critical, protected, media to drive better decisions for you and your customers. Let’s start creating safe channels for information through authenticated images.

Establish traceability

Prevent fraud

Decisions based on trusted information

Drive brand trust and transparency

móvil con foto de inspección de obra