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Inkan Integration

Power you applications with
traceability, fraud prevention
and detection

We integrate our technology into your own applications, delivering our service through API and mobile SDK integrations, obtaining all the confidence and security of Inkan directly into your own software.

Why Inkan?

Inkan provides a multi-layered protection against deceptive content

We can help companies improve costs, prevent fraud, build a tamper-proof database, reduce friction in audit processes and gain a competitive advantage

Operate Virtually

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, save time, improve the customer experience and lower carbon emissions within a trusted and safe workflow.

Reduce Fraud

Create anti-tamper workflows through Inkan’s leading cybersecurity and blockchain technology. Prevent fraud before it happens.

Improve Safety

Protect your business against any kind of data tampering both from outside and within your organization. Detect any alteration.

Introduce Traceability

Inkan’s certification engine uses blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of digital files that will help you make certifications, audits and legality frictionless.

Inkan Integration

Integrate seamlessly and secure your information systems

Robust, scalable and easy to use toolkit

Inkan Integration offers a wide variety of alternatives from multi-language libraries to versatile open APIs, adaptable to evolving requirements, including state of the art cybersecurity, and data traceability leveraged on decentralized technologies.

Secure and digitally signed
data collection

Inkan Integration

Cybersecurity and verified authenticity on your mobile and web apps

As the digital transformation spreads so does digital fraud, resulting in millions being lost and brands being damaged. Protect your customers and your enterprise from hackers and attacks on app data with advanced security features, prevent the manipulation of customer data and ensure the integrity of the app itself.


Reduce fraud in policy and claim workflows by tracing and guaranteeing image provenance authenticity.


Protect your mobile application from cyber attacks, flagging risky users and preventing fraud before it happens.


Strengthen product verification and enhance your safety measures, while improving the customer and end-user experience for everyone.

B2C Platforms

Give users accurate, authentic views of the things they might buy or the places they might stay and help ensure a great customer experience.

Our Solutions

Data traceability, fraud prevention and detection

Inkan delivers powerful solutions for organizations that rely upon authenticated content, enabling them to digitally transform their processes, create significant efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Insurance & Warranties

Streamline policiy and claim processing, rapidly collecting authenticated images and documentation to mitigate fraud, reduce risks and friction, automate and introduce powerful traceability.

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Inspections & Certifications

Evolve from manual inspection processes into automated digital workflows, ensuring traceability based on trustworthy photos, videos and documentation, digital certification and signature technologies.

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Other Sectors

Enhance trust, protect your company´s reputation, reduce costs, automate and mitigate risk associated with fraudulent images and documentation with adaptable workflows for multiple industries.

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Don't wait any longer, create safe channels for your information

Reduce costs, improve your brand perception, gain a competitive advantage by integrating novel technologies and services