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Organizations cannot rely upon images anymore.
Inkan’s proof captures will help you regain that trust.

Can you really operate safely with images in the digital era?

Inkan helps companies create workflows based on high trust certified photos and videos by combining cybersecurity, blockchain and data science technologies. Customers, suppliers and partners can submit documentation wherever they are, with data-driven trust at the foundation of the business.

A new breed of visual media. Authenticated photos and videos are the future of business and societal transactions online.

We can help companies improve costs, prevent fraud, build a tamper-proof database, reduce friction in audit processes and gain a competitive advantage

Inkan provides a multi-layered protection against deceptive images.

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Operate Virtually

Digital imagery is powering the transition towards virtual operations. Inkan helps organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, save time, improve the customer experience, and lower carbon emissions within a trusted and safe workflow.

Reduce Fraud

Create anti-tamper workflows through Inkan’s leading cybersecurity and blockchain technology. Metadata inconsistencies at a device level are detected so that the image authentication process is 100% asured. Prevent fraud before it happens.

Improve Safety

Protect your business against any kind of data tampering both from outside and within your organization. We are able to detect any alteration to your images DNA.

Introduce Traceability

Thanks to blockchain technology we can ensure data traceability improving transparency standards that will help you make certification, audit and legal processes frictionless.

composición laptop y móvil platform

App & Web Platform

All Inkan services can be delivered directly through our subscription plans. Start creating your truth based workflows.

API & SDK Integrations

We can integrate our services into your own mobile App and software. Everything will be as usual, but your images will be protected.

Ensure the authenticity of customers, suppliers and partners submitted content

Inkan Platform is a turnkey solution that delivers trustworthy photos and videos, so you can securely and instantly validate digital content. Optimize your business operations by implementing virtual workflows and seamlessly conduct remote verification.